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Advice from the Author

This blog is created to make GRE aspirants more easy in cracking the GRE.As the first step I would like to introduce words in the hierarchy of importance.Each word has its meaning,its usage,its origin(at least for some),Root words and how they are derived and if possible image for some words so that you can remember them well.

Saturday, May 5, 2007


ABASE (V): lower ,to degrade oneself

eg: A man who use bad language will only abase himself.
In former times ,priests used to abase themselves before gods.

a + base : to lower to level of foundation

ABASH (V):cause to be embarrassed; cause to feel self-conscious,To make ashamed or uneasy

eg: He is not at all abashed by her open admiration.
Nothing can abash him.

a + bash : to destroy the self-possession(bash=shy).

IMG : Bangladesh embarrass black caps

ABATE (V) : subside, to make or become less

eg :We must abate the noise pollution in our country.
Rather than leaving immediately they have waited storm to abate.

a + bate : to letdown or to restrain others or something.

IMG : NAS (Noise Abatement Society)

ABBREVIATE (V) : to shorten something

eg: Because we are running short of time the leader has to abbreviate his speech.
The name of Raja Rao is abbreviated as RR in news paper.

ab+brevi+ate : An abbreviation (from Latin brevis "short") is a shortened form of a Word or Phrase.For example, the word "abbreviation" can itself be represented by the abbreviation "abbr." or "abbrev."

IMG : junior abbreviate to Jr not Jun or Jnr, eg Sammy Davis Jr

HUBRIS (N) : arrogant pride,arrogance

eg:He had the Hubris to lecture people twice his age .

HUB + Ris : In Ancient Greek hubris referred to actions taken
in order to shame the victim, thereby making oneself seem superior.

IMG : "we are clearly superior to all other creatures "

THWART (v) : prevent doing what he intends to do,to frustate.

eg : He was thwarted by bad luck.
Each time we planned for our weekends our thoughts were thwarted by the some or the
other reason

TH + WAR +T : to make war(stop) from others doing things.

IMG : "we need to tools to thwart terror"

FEIGN (v) : Pretend

eg:Some animals feign death when they are in danger.
Feign from illness.

Feign :Feigned madness is acted madness, used in modern times to try to avoid punishment in a court of law, so called insanity defence.

IMG: He feigns death everytime when i ask to fetch my slippers.


WAGGISH (V) :Playful, Facetious,to make others smile

eg : Muskrat Castle,as the house had been facetiously named by some
waggish officer(James Fenimore Cooper).
Waggish tricks.

wag + gish : move quickly from side to side to make laugh.

Img :"A story of waggish dog"


DIFFIDENCE (V) : shyness

eg: He failed through diffidence.
Nicholas’s diffidence made it hard for him to meet girls. His fear of coming off like a jerk
made him tongue-tied

Img: " George spoke diffidently to his slaves"


Incredulity : a tendency of disbelief

eg :When I told him I’d seen Elvis at the supermarket, his incredulity
was obvious from the look on his face.
An expression of shock utter incredulity.

IN+CREDULITY : not ready to believe things


Stanch (V) : to stop,to stop flow of (esp blood)

eg : Stanch the bleeding
Stanch the cut.

Stan +ch : stand

Img :The piece of gauze Gonzaga's Adam Morrison used Monday to stanch a nosebleed


Alacrity : Cheerfull Readiness

Eg: He accepted with alacrity.

Img: Alacrity apartments are those which are most admired by the purchasers.


Admonish : To advice ,to counsel,to urge, take to task,warn

eg:The captain admonished the guards to be on the alert.

He admonished the child for this bad behaviour.

IMG: The parent admonishing her child.


Ambivalent : Coexistence of opposite feelings.

eg:She felt ambivalent about his proposal.

I had ambivalent thoughts on where to spend my vacation.

IMG: everything "Well ,Yes and NO"


Ameliorate : Make or become better,improve

eg :India should not be shy of proposing and launching bold measures to ameliorate the lot of the Central Asian states and arguing their case before regional and international fora.

Apathy :
Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference

eg :Public apathy can lead to bad government

IMG: Boy showing apathy


Apprise : give information or notice to, gain in value

eg :Police should apprise an arrested person of his or her rights to remain silent
and to be represented by a lawyer

The yen appreciated again!

IMG: The officer informing the situation to the higher officials


Approbation : An expression of warm approval; praise

Eg : Although she fussed at them, she secretly viewed all her children with approval.

IMG : government is approving.


Arduous : Demanding great effort or labor; difficult

Eg : Crossing the continent in a covered wagon was an arduous undertaking

Img: A women started a arduous task.


Assiduous :
Constant in application or attention; diligent

Eg :It takes assiduous work to learn Russian. I admire an assiduous student

Img :


Attenuate : to make thin, to make narrow,weaken

The silversmith attenuated the ingot into one long thread

Asprin will attnuate the pain

Img :The thing getting attenuated


Aver : To affirm positively ,declare

Eg : In spite of all you say,I still aver that his report is true.

"Before God I swear I am innocent"


Belie : To picture falsely; misrepresent

eg : His cheerful manner belied his real feelings.

His looks belie his character.


Bolster : A long narrow pillow or cushion,hearten,support

eg :More timbers are needed to bolster the roof of the mine


Boorish : ill mannered person

eg :She considers the peasants boorish


Burgeon : grow and flourish

eg :"The burgeoning administration"; "The burgeoning population"

Img : The burgeoning forest .


Burnish : the property of being smooth and shiny,polish and make shiny

Eg :the gleam of burnished gold.

The silver bracelet was burnished to a bright finish


Buttress : A structure, usually brick or stone, built against a wall for support or reinforcement.

eg :The north wall of the cathedral had a beautiful stone buttress